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MY INDIA SHOPPING / REAL CINEMAS is proudly being part of a Charity event conducted by WWOMFCWA every year on May 21'st. We are part of this charity work since 2011 and we thank every one who are supporting us in making this event a success every year. Kindly join us and be a helping hand to the people who really deserves it.

Managing Director
Sam George Abraham

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VENUE : ORUMA SNEHA THEERAM - An Oldage home for Mothers at Thalikulam, Trichur.

The main aim of this charity is to Provide support for 52 Mothers who are aged above 60 years for a year. The expense for providing with the same for a year for 1 mother comes to nearly 4000 Rs. We request your kind volunteering support for this function. Kindly donate a fund which is capable by you and be a helping hand to the old aged mothers there. Please remember that your small donations can do wonders for them. You can either send us the amount commited or write us a cheque in favor of ORUMA SNEHA THEERAM and send the same to our address given below. This cheque will be handed over to them on May 21'st, 2012.

For online payments, please visit the link below, enter the desired amount, select your region and check out. Kindly email us once you have made a payment for this charity.

Charity Payment

Thanks for your support.
Managing director.
Sam George Abraham.

TC 4/34 – 1, KOWDIAR P.O
Email: support@myindiashopping.com

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